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The Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) is an autonomous government body responsible
for the management and administration of the General Reserve Fund (GRF), and the
assets of the Future Generations Fund (FGF), as well as any other funds entrusted
to it by the Minister of Finance for and on behalf of the State of Kuwait.
KIA invests in the Local, Arab and International Markets with its main office
located in Kuwait City,China Office and a branch office in London, UK.


The Training Department periodically administers questionnaires to determine the training requirements of all KIA employees for the next three years. According to the results of this survey, a plan is developed to cover the training requirements.



The Kuwait Investment Office (KIO) is the branch office of KIA in the City of London and manages funds on behalf of the State of Kuwait. It was set up in 1953 with the aim of investing surplus oil revenues to reduce the reliance of Kuwait on its finite oil resource.
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