The prime objective of the Planning and Senior Management Support (PSMS) Sector is to provide support to the Managing Director (MD). Daily support includes secretarial services and administrative support for the Board, Executive Committee, KIA Management Committee, (General Reserve Fund (GRF) Investment and Future Generations Fund (FGF) Investment Committees. PSMS monitors investment performance and risk for FGF and GRF and escalates significant risks or unusual sources of performance. PSMS develops the long term strategy and business plans of the KIA in coordination with the other KIA Sectors and the MD. PSMS is also responsible for forecasting FGF and GRF cash flows on a monthly basis, to provide global macroeconomic analysis for the FGF and GRF Investment Committees and to implement an internal communications plan and an external public relations strategy. The PSMS also ensures that the training needs of the KIA are well served.

The key functions of Planning and Senior Management Support include special projects that are delegated by the Managing Director.

The Managing Director draws upon the expertise of KIA staff in formulating policy issues, both for internal regulations as well as establishing guidelines for KIA's external activities. 

All Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings, including the preparation of relevant materials for these meetings, are organized by PSMS. In addition, PSMS assists in  follow up actions so as to implement decisions that are taken by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee.

One of the primary tasks of PSMS is to coordinate responses to the National Assembly as well as to other Ministries or governmental agencies such as the Central Bank of Kuwait, the State Audit Bureau and others.​