The Training Department periodically prepares questionnaires to determine the training requirements of all KIA employees for the next three years. According to the results of this survey, a plan is developed to cover the training requirements.

KIA offers twenty academic scholarships per year to Kuwaiti Nationals seeking to obtain their MBA (Masters in Business Administration) degree from a top ranked university in the world with high academic standards. The Cultural Division in the Kuwait Embassies supervise the Students accademically during their courses of study.

Terms and Conditions:

The maximum period of sponsorship is two academic years with the starting date of sponsorship the first day of classes.


1.      The applicant is required to have Kuwaiti Citizenship.

2.   Unconditional admission to the MBA program at one of the universities approved by KIA.

3.      Registration in the Academic MBA program not with an Executive MBA (EMBA).

4.      Dual Degree programs are not accepted.

5.      The applicant should not have a scholarship from another source.

6.      The applicant must register as a full-time student. 

7.      The applicant should not have an existing MBA degree.

8.      GMAT score should be no less than 600.

9.    Applicant must provide proof of correspondence with universities.


Monthly stipend                                                                  KWD    1500

Annual book allowance                                                                    500

Computer allowance                                                                         500 (1 time)

Annual airline ticket                                                                          750

Annual research and scientific journal subscription                  50

The student may travel within 30 days of the program starting date and will be entitled to two months stipend 750 KWD airline ticket, 500 KD annual books allowance and 500 KD Computer allowance.

Attendance is allowed at one professional conference during the degree program. The conference must be recommended by the program director of the university and approved by KIA. Students are required to submit a report on the conference to KIA and will be entitled to an economy airline ticket when participating in conferences related to the student's major.

Upon graduation the student is entitled to a two month stipend, a 750 KWD airline ticket and 200 KWD for Cargo shipment of personal items.

For more information's contact the Training Department at the Kuwait Investment Authority – Kuwait City – Twin Towers (A) – 18th Floor

Phone: 22462340 –Ext: 1808 – 1805