The Training Department periodically prepares questionnaires to determine the training requirements of all KIA employees for the next three years. According to the results of this survey, a plan is developed to cover the training requirements.


As part of KlA's role in the national development of Kuwaiti, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the World Bank in October 2004 to provide five Kuwaiti nationals annually (according to the available vacancies in the World Bank) with a two-year job contract to help provide them with the experience in working at one of the World's leading international financial institutions. Initially, funding was shared but in 2007 KIA agreed to fund the entirety of the program. In 2011, Mid-career level employees were made eligible, to give more chances of employment for Kuwaitis to work at the World Bank.

All applicants must meet all job requirements as provided by the World Bank. Each year the World Bank opens recruitments opportunities in its Head-Quarter, Washington, then KIA selects a number of TORs that matches Kuwait needs, and advertises the available vacancies in Kuwait's daily newspapers, Then sends all the applicants papers which meets the World Bank Requirements to the World Bank. Finally The World Bank Video conference the applicants and selects the applicants.

Applicants should visit KIA for the advertised TORs and provide all the requirement papers as PDF and hardcopy.

1-    Junior Pr​ofessional Officer (JPO)

​​​​​​TOR #​​Job Title
2017-150​​​Junior Professional Officer-DECSN (Subnational Business-WB) Development Economics Vice presidency (DEC)​
2017-030​​​Junior Professional Officer-Global Land and Geospatial Unit (GSULN)


​​TOR #​Job Title
2017-017​Energy Speci​alist-Energy & Extractives Global Practice (GEEDR) MNA Region
​2017-029​Land Management Specialist–Global Land and Geospatial Unit (GSULN)
2017-064​Portfolio Officer-Investment Valuation Team, Corporate Risk Management Department/Risk and Financial Stability Vice Presidency CRMVA/CFSVP

All application papers will be available only in the Training Department for the advertised vacancies in Kuwait's daily newspapers or KIA websitewww.kia.gov.kw ​
For more information kindly call 22462340 Ext: 1808 - 1805
Or visit us at the Kuwait Investment Authority – Training Department,
 Twin Towers (A) – 18th Floor - Omar Bin Al-Khattab St. - Al-Murqab