The Training Department periodically prepares questionnaires to determine the training requirements of all KIA employees for the next three years. According to the results of this survey, a plan is developed to cover the training requirements.


This program aims at qualifying and training a group of fresh university graduates to prepare them to work in the economic and financial sector of the Kuwaiti market through a special program.

The Kuwait Investment Authority Fresh Graduate Training Program is an eleven-month program combining practical class-based learning and workplace training to prepare fresh graduates for a successful career in the Finance sector.

The program was the first of its kind when conceived in 1995, and continues to be held in the highest esteem by both international financial institutions 592 alumni until Group (35), many of whom have gone on to pursue highly successful finance careers both in Kuwait and across the globe.

The program seeks to provide fresh graduates with a strong and comprehensive foundational knowledge of the most important financial competencies and concepts to confidentially enter the workplace with the requisite skills to succeed. The program is unique in its delivery method, using a combination of highly regarded professional training providers, as well as practicing finance professionals from a number of the most prestigious global financial institutions, ensuring graduates learn not only the theory, but also how it is applied in practice. Therefore the qualification requirements for the CFA First-Level certificate has been used as a general framework for the scientific and the theoretical contents of the program.

Whom it is designed for?

  • The program is designed for high-performing fresh graduates with aspirations to pursue a career in Finance. In pursuit of seeking the highest caliber graduate trainees, the program encourages applications from a range of quantitative disciplines, including Engineering and Mathematics in addition to Business and Finance. (see list of approved degrees)
  • The program is designed to provide a truly global understanding of the most relevant skills and knowledge for aspiring finance professionals, whether seeking to work in Kuwait or internationally.
  • Due to the wide range of careers available in the financial sector, fresh graduates embarking on the program often do not arrive with a clear view of which path to choose. The program structure aims to give fresh graduates exposure to a broad range of disciplines and skills to support more informed decision making as to which path they may seek to choose.


Benefits and career impact?

  • On completion of the program, graduates will have benefitted from experiencing first-hand the operations of a major financial institution through the ten-week international assignment, as well as the opportunity to spend four weeks at the Kuwait Investment Authority to gain a greater understanding of the range of activities undertaken by financial institutions.
  • The combination of such practical experience with sound knowledge of core finance sector skills and topics gives graduates the ability to make a truly informed decision about the type of career path they may wish to pursue.

The program follows three key phases:

      • Phase 1: Training at the KIA Training Center in Kuwait.
      • Phase 2: International Assignment.
      • Phase 3: On-the-job training at KIA.

Application Requirements:

All Applicants fulfilling the following criteria are invited to apply:

  1. Kuwait national.
  2. Applicants should not be employed by any other entity once accepted in the program.
  3.  No older than 26 years of age at date of application.
  4. Holders of a degree in a qualifying subject which is recognized by the Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education awarded no later than two years prior to date of application.
  5. A certified GPA of 3.0 or higher (or equivalent*).
  6. Provides one of the following test results:
    1. A certified GRE score average of 138 for both verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning (from within the last 5 years).
    2. OR

    3. GMAT no less than 360. (From within the last 5 years).
  1. Proficient in Arabic and English (reading, writing, conversational).
  2. Prepared to travel internationally for ten weeks during the program for the International Assignment.

Please contact 

 to enquire suitability and performance criteria.

Application is online through the website. When the application period is open, a link will be available to proceed. Stay up to date with key application dates through the News/events section or see local press for announcement.


For applicants fulfilling the above criteria, applicants will need to submit the following:

      • A Recent photograph.
      • Current CV.
      • Accredited academic certificates.
      •  Final transcripts.
      • Confirmation of graduation from Ministry of Higher Education for non-Kuwaiti University graduates.
      • High School certificate.
      • Copies of (Citizenship ,Birth certificate, Passport, Civil ID).
      • Certified performance for GRE or GMAT.


*Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

The application and selection process:

    1. Applicants submit their application online through the KIA website
    2. Applicants that meet the application criteria will be invited to take a Financial Test at  a local test center
    3. Applicants successfully completing the Financial Test will subsequently be invited to interview for a place on the Graduate Trainee Program
    4. After the interview process is complete, successful candidates will be invited to join the Graduate Trainee Program.

Qualifying subject list:

KIA Graduate Trainee Program accepted applicant undergraduate degrees.

Degree FieldAccepted Degrees
Business Degrees All Business Administration Majors
Non-businessAll Engineering Majors
Faculty of Science - Mathematics

If you are unsure about the suitability of your degree for the program, please contact:

Motivation Essays:

Motivation essays are short essays requested from the applicant to provide a greater understanding of the applicant's motivation and rationale for seeking to undertake the program.

These essays will primarily be used during the interview process to further understand the applicant.

Motivation essay requirements:

Two essays are required, one in English and one in Arabic (applicant can choose which essay to write in English or Arabic). Each essay should be no longer than 300 words.

Motivation essay titles:

  1. "What do you hope to achieve from this program?"
  2. "What is it about Finance that interests you?"

Both motivation essays must be submitted as part of the online application process.

What is the Financial Test?

The Financial Test is a multiple-choice test designed to provide a specific understanding of the applicant's existing level of knowledge of finance topics. The test lasts for 30 minutes and is taken at a designated test center.

The following questions provide an indicative sample of the type of questions applicants should expect to be able to answer:

Select the correct answer to complete the statement:

1.  A great deal of financial theory is based on the concept of free markets and in particular the theory of:

    1. Perfect competition
    2. Monopolistic competition
    3. Monopoly
    4. Oligopoly

2.  Which of the following is a legitimate reason why firm value maximization is preferred to profit maximization as the ideal goal for the firm?

    1. Value takes account of both profit and cash flow
    2. Value of discounted cash flow is less ambiguous than profit
    3. Value takes account of depreciation
    4. Profit is too concerned with the longer term

3.   What is the stakeholder view of the firm?

    1. Shareholders should eventually be returned their stake in the firm
    2. The firm must honor its wider social obligations as well as making money
    3. The only obligation on the firm is to maximize profit
    4. The firm exists to maximize return

4.   Mark whether you believe the following statements to be True or False:

  1. The main purpose of financial accounting is to keep track of company expenses


  2. Revenues are not included as a separate item in the basic accounting equation





KIA Graduate Trainee Program Training Curriculum

# Subject
1Team Building, Negotiation Skills, Problem Solving & Decision Making
2Financial Accounting
3CV & Interview Coaching
4credit analysis
5Interpersonal, Networking & Presentation Skills
6Financial Modelling Using Excel
7Quantitative Methods
8 Financial Reporting & Analysis
9Financial Analysis  & Forecasting
11 Corporate Finance
12Portfolio Management
13Equity Investments
14Fixed Income
16Alternative Investment
17Ethics & Professional standards
18Introduction to Banking
19Functions & Operations of Capital Markets
20Islamic Finance
21Real Estate Valuation
23Brokerage Operations
25CFA Content Revision