Last Update: 16​/05​/2018

​تعلن الهيئة العامة للإستثمار عن كشف أسعار الممارسة رقم  {خ – 80/2018-2019} و الخاصة بتقديم خدمات الأمن و الحراسة لمبنى المقر الرئيسي للهيئة العامة للإستثمار

إضغط للمزيد

Kuwait Investment Authority presents the available job vacancies for Kuwaiti Nationals to work at the World Bank for two years. The positions will be located at the World Bank Office in Washington D.C.

1. Junior Professional Officer(JPO). Read more

1. Junior Professional Officer - (Innovation & Entrepreneurship) Firm Capabilities and Innovation Unit (GGEVP/GFCFC) (TOR# 018-2018)

2. Junior Professional Officer - Human Development Practice Group (GGHVP) (TOR# 061-2018)
3. Junior Professional Officer - Climate Analytics and Advisory Services (GCCRA/GGSVP) (TOR# 070-2018)

4. Junior Professional Officer - Technology & Innovation Unit (ITSTI), Information and Technology solutions (ITS) (TOR# 114-2018)


2. MID-CAREER LEVEL. Read more​​

1. Financial Management Specialist - Governance Standards Codes and Systems Global Unit (GGOSC/GGEVP) (TOR # 030-2018)
2. Communications Officer - Asset Management Capacity Building Team (FABRP/TREVP) (TOR # 153-2018)


All application papers should be submitted to Kuwait Investment Authority at Kuwait Investment Authority - Training Department, Twin Towers, Al-Murgab, Omar Bin Al­ Khattab St. Tower No.1, 18th Floor. No later than  May 30th, 2018. The application papers should include: CV, cover letter to the World Bank, personal photo, authorized University Certificate, letter of experience, and a copy of:

Civil ID, Nationality, Birth Certificate, and Passport, also all documents must be submitted in PDF form.

For any inquiries, call the following No.

22462340 - Ext: 1808/1813