Dr. Fahad Al-Rashed

Dr. Fahad Al-Rashed

Member of the Board of Directors at KIA

Dr. Fahad Al-Rashed has over 40 years’ experience in finance and investment in both the public and private sectors. He previously served as Deputy General Manager for Investments at Kuwait’s Public Institute for Social Security, and Dean of the College of Commerce, Economics, and Political Science at Kuwait University.

He is currently Director of the Al-Rashed Consulting Office, and a member of the Arab Thought Forum in Amman, Jordan, and a member of several academies of scientific research. Dr. Al-Rashed is also an avid supporter and contributor to Human Rights Watch.

Dr. Al-Rashed holds a Ph.D. in Finance and Management from Claremont University and a Masters in Business Economics for graduate studies. In 2005, he was awarded the Medal of Honor with an officer rank from the President of France in 2005.

He was appointed to the board of directors at Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) on August 5, 2021, for a four-year term.