Fraud Warning

The Kuwait Investment Authority has become aware of illegal and fraudulent activities that involve the Kuwait Investment Authority’s name (or “KIA”).

These criminal fraud schemes include individuals or institutions making telephone calls, and/or sending SMS messages, emails and letters falsely representing themselves to be from the Kuwait Investment Authority / KIA or acting on behalf of the Kuwait Investment Authority/KIA. These fraudulent communications include false offers of investments, requesting monetary deposits and/or soliciting personal or financial/banking data from unsuspecting recipients.

Other cases involve unknown organizations using websites with web addresses unrelated to the Kuwait Investment Authority presenting different email and telephone contact information.

Scammers are becoming more sophisticated and organized in their approach. They are technologically savvy and are targeting members of the general public both in Kuwait and abroad.

Please note the following:

  • Kuwait Investment Authority and its employees will never call, email, or text you and ask for money or personal and financial information. Only a scammer will do that
  • The Kuwait Investment Authority will only communicate through the following email domain:
  • The legitimate web site address of the Kuwait Investment Authority is:
  • To protect yourself from a potential phishing attack, it is recommended to access the KIA website in the address bar of your browser and not to click the website address when included in an unsolicited email, text or a web pop-up.

Please remember to stay diligent when protecting your personal information