Ghanem Suleiman Al-Ghenaiman

Ghanem Suleiman Al-Ghenaiman

KIA Board Member & Managing Director

Mr. Ghanem Suleiman Al-Ghenaiman has over 30 years’ experience in investments and assets management across different asset classes and geographies.

Prior to his appointment as the Managing Director for the Kuwait Investment Authority, he served as Acting Director-General and Deputy Director-General for Investment of Kuwait Fund For Arab Economic Development (KFAED).

Mr. Al-Ghenaiman was also a member of several investment committees, including the KFAED’s Investment Committee, The Kuwait Fund for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS)’s Investment Committee, and other investment committees, both locally and abroad.

Mr. Al-Ghenaiman holds a BSc in Accounting from Kuwait University.

He was appointed to the Board of Directors at Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) on August 5, 2021, for a four-year term, and was appointed Managing Director on August 12, 2021.